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I got my braces on last month for the first time and I was super nervous! The staff was really kind and supportive towards me! I thought that it was going to be the worst experience of my life, but no....I was 100 percent wrong! A couple of days after I gotten my braces put on, my teeth hurt for 3 days but it did not hurt SUPER bad, it was only sore and my mouth was taking its time to get used to it. After those 3 days, my mouth was completely used to the braces and it wasn't sore or hurting at all! Right now, I am happy with the support and help I am getting from the staff and Dr. Allen! I am happy and glad to be one of their patients!

All of the staff are very nice and care a lot about what they do, they managed to get my braces off right on time too! I am now also very pleased with my new smile.

I enjoy going to Dr. Allen. The staff their are really nice and care about me. They make sure I am comfortable and not in pain. They tell me what to do after they adjust my braces and how to prevent problems.

Dr. Allen and Staff were incredible. I never had a bad appointment. Everyone was extremely kind and caring, and most importantly I love my new smile!